Blueberry Birthday Cookies

Sandra called to say it was her nieces birthday and they were having a party. First thought: WHAT AM I GOING TO MAKE?!

Usually Ali is the indecisive one. Indecisive about what to do, where to eat, which movie to watch. But when it comes to the kitchen, I’m the one that flounders. She tells me at three that the party starts at five. I spent over an hour pouring over favorited recipes trying to pick one when I found one for blueberry cookies! Until… dun dun dun “chill for six hours.”

At this point I literally gave up. I texted Sandra and told her to call me after the party, I was too upset about not making anything to come. But before she even had the chance to text me back I did a quick Google search of all things and found just what I was looking for. For Valerie’s 8th birthday in the middle of summer, what could be better than brown sugar cinnamon blueberry scrumptiousness?!

Get ready to start salivating… and turn on this mix to bake to! (It says it’s sad, but really it’s really relaxing and won’t distract you when the flour starts puffing out of the mixer when you accidentally turn it on too high.)


FOREWARNING: This recipe make a teeny tiny batch of cookies, 12-15. I left a couple at home, ate a teeny tiny one that I’d made for taste-test purposes specifically, and brought the rest over to the party. If you want to eat any of these yourself: double it. for the love of fruity sugary goodness, double this recipe.


1/2 cup butter, unsalted (one stick)

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1-3/4 cup flour

1/4 teaspoon salt (I did a little less than this)

1-1/2 tablespoons cinnamon (I added more like two… I realllllly like cinnamon)

1-3 tablespoons milk

About 1 cup fresh blueberries (the more the merrier)


I wouldn’t bother preheating the oven yet, unless yours takes about a century in which case I’m worried about your baking future anyway. Cream the butter and brown sugar, a couple minutes until smooth. Add the egg, once it’s mixed in add the vanilla extract. I didn’t bother mixing the dry ingredients separately, although I suppose you could. Little by little add the flour, pinch of salt, and finally the cinnamon. When it’s all mixed together start adding the milk just as needed. With the recipe I used I saw in the comments that a couple people mentioned it was kind of dry. So instead of using just enough milk for it to combine well, I added another tablespoon and a half for good measure. Ok, after a little taste off the mixer paddle, I deemed it ready for blueberries. I used a little less than a cup, which is about half of the container from the grocery store (yet another reason to double this recipe). Mix ’em in, if they break… they break. Not a big deal. But still be gentle. Please.

It should look kinda like that ^^! But then mix it together. Ok now here’s where it gets a little iffy. Instead of putting the bowl in the refrigerator for half an hour, which you totally could/should do, I was in a time crunch. It was already quarter to five! I stuck them in the freezer and preheated the oven to 375. I went ahead and greased the cookie pans a little while I was waiting and got out my wire racks and spatula for when they were done. After 15-20 minutes I took them out and scooped them out, a little less than 1/4 cup each cookie. I made 15 plus a tiny baby one to taste test (can’t serve something without trying it first!). Into the oven for just over ten minutes- you could leave them a little longer if you like them crisper, but I like them soft and like I said was under a super time crunch. They looked a little bit undercooked, and I was worried they would be drippy in the middle, but once they cooled they were the perfect amount of done.

I feel like this picture doesn’t even do them justice!!!! This top one is heart shaped, completely unintentional but they were baked with loooove. ha-ha, corny. Anyway. I tried a baby one. Burned my tongue on a blueberry. It was worth it. Left a couple cookies at home for my parents to try, and was hoping to snag another but they were GONE! The kids loved that it was a summery dessert that wasn’t TOO sweet. Maybe next time I’d put a little sugar on the top for the extra little something, but either way I would make these again in a heartbeat. So quick, before summer is over go grab some blueberries and whip these up!!!



{Recipe adapted from Hot Sweet Eats}


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